Fillings and Frostings:​​

Chocolate ganache

Vanilla buttercream

Caramel crunch filling

Salted caramel mousse filling

Fruit filling (Seasonal)

​Chocolate mousse

​Strawberry mousse

Basic Cake Flavors:​​



Vanilla chocolate chip



Need a beautiful cake to surprise a loved one? Here is how you can do it!

We can make a cake for you looking like almost anything. We stand by our statement 'you dream, we deliver!'

These are some ways you can do it:

Decide a Theme:

What is a theme? It can be anything that the person likes ! From their hobbies to their jobs, from what the love to eat to what they love to wear! 

References :

Find for some reference images for the theme you have liked. From cakes on the internet to any random images that depicts the theme.

Decide flavors and frosting :

It can be anything that you have heard of or want us to try, or you can go for the following combinations!

Basic Cake Flavors:​​


Fruit cakes (seasonal)

Strawberry/orange/mango (synthetic)

Red Velvet

Rainbow Velvet

Some Pointers:

All the cakes are available in EGGLESS, except for Velvet cakes.

All combinations are available in cupcakes too.

For a carved cake(full 3 dimensional) consider a minimum of 2 kgs.

We accept a minimum order of 1kg (2 pounds) for a regular cake.

In cupcakes, a minimum order is of 12 cupcakes.

To make your life sweet and moments sweeter!